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Reservoir Range – Outdoor Activity in Antigua

A visit to Antigua is a choice you are not going to regret. Antigua is a stunning Caribbean island where you can relax on a beach or adventure through the beautiful landscape and discover stunning hidden gems. The locals are friendly and the culture and cuisine here are not to be missed. However, if you are looking for something exciting and more sport-based to do here, look no further than the Reservoir Range in St John’s, which offers an array of activities suitable for all ages and all lengths of stay.


The Reservoir Range has a wide array of options available for people who are interested in trying out shooting. Whether you have experience or not there will be something available that you can try with expert help available at all times. There are two types of shooting on offer here; clay pigeon shooting and air pistol shooting. In the future Reservoir Range is aiming to include hand gun shooting as an option for visitors to the range, however this experience is still awaiting government approval before it can be released to the public or tourists.

Clay pigeon shooting is the most popular choice here for most adults as it offers a level of challenge that is not seen on many other shooting ranges, and definitely cannot be found elsewhere on Antigua. The surrounding scenery for the range is stunning, boasting good views and unusual and unique clay pigeon shooting options. With the climate of Antigua it is important to remain hydrated and cool, so the team at Reservoir Range have created many shaded spots and drink stops as you move from station to station trying out their different shooting experiences. There is even the opportunity to win a prize if you can hit every target at a station; this prize usually consists of a free zip-line ride through the treetops of a beautiful, natural Antiguan rainforest.

Air pistol shooting at this range is an exciting experience, offering anyone who is interested 100 shots on the range – with an expert on-hand to offer advice throughout the allocated shots, allowing you to improve your shooting ability. This option is also ideal for children, as they can take part in this experience as long as they are accompanied by an adult, allowing the whole family to try their hand at air pistol shooting in a beautiful, Caribbean setting.


The archery range here is an excellent experience, offering many types of bow including crossbows, long bows and compound bows. These all come in a variety of sizes, suitable for both adults and children, and have options for both left-handed and right-handed people. Any level of archer is allowed here, however any novices or beginners will not be allowed on the range without the supervision of a trained staff expert, allowing everyone to receive useful tips for improving their technique.

Rum Adventure

For adults who are looking for something slightly more relaxing, the rum adventure offered by Reservoir Range may be ideal. This is a tour around the island with constantly flowing rum punch, visiting sugar cane fields and tasting freshly cut sugar cane, viewing the rum making process and viewing a sugar mill before heading back to the range to taste five different local rums. This option is ideal for anyone looking to see a little more of the island and try the local Antiguan drinks in comfort and style.

Other Activities

There are a number of other activities which are available at Reservoir Range, including rowing and fishing on the lake that is running through the range, mountain biking through the nearby Antiguan countryside on bikes that can be hired from the range, inclusive of safety equipment. Mountain biking can be a brilliant way to discover hidden secrets only the locals know about as they can easily be ridden through the gorgeous local countryside, through places vehicles cannot reach. Another excellent option here is the picnic pavilions the range has hidden away; these offer shaded hammocks and barbeques that can be used should you wish to bring food to cook. Booking a picnic pavilion is also beneficial as it offers you a 25% discount on other activities available at the range, including the shooting and archery options.

The Reservoir Range is an ideal option for all travellers to Antigua; it has so much to offer by way of new experiences, and opportunities to see things that cannot be seen elsewhere. It is the ideal option for anyone visiting the island on a Caribbean cruise. Not only does the range offer special deals for visitors arriving via cruise ship, it is also near to the cruise ship arrival and departure point, and offers many experiences that only take a few hours, so allows anyone arriving on the island for a short period of time the opportunity to experience the local island in a relaxed, comfortable and affordable manner.  A special deal for cruise ship customers includes pick up directly from the cruise ship, and a similar drop off at the cruise ship prior to departure, ensuring you won’t miss your cruise, as well as food, soft drinks and 25% discount on all activities the range offers. It is an experience that should not be missed – especially if arriving by cruise.

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