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Grace Kennedy Money Services


Grace Kennedy Money Services is the exclusive agent for Western Union in Antigua & Barbuda. Western Union helps you provide for your loved ones almost anywhere in the world. Whether it’s for education, health care or groceries, we offer Consumer-to-Consumer Money-Transfer Services to get resources to members of your family quickly. The local Western Union network stands at 3 agents across the island and they are:

Carib World Travel
Woods Centre
Friar’s Hill Road
St. John’s
Antigua & Barbuda

Bargain Centre Supermarket
Perry Bay, St. Jon’s
Antigua & Barbuda

Long Street
St. John’s
Antigua & Barbuda

western union

Services offered at Western Union

Inbound:  Transfers from overseas to Antigua allows you to receive money island-wide. Once money is sent it is available in minutes and payment is made in Eastern Caribbean dollar. Outbound:  Allows you to send money from all locations in Antigua to any location to any location of Western Union in over 300 countries with more than 100,000 agents worldwide.  Once sent, the money is available in minutes.

Who Benefits from Western Union services?

  • Antiguans living in Antigua who have relatives abroad
  • Visitors to Antigua who have emergencies and need money quickly
  • People with commercial needs who must send and receive money quickly
  • Parents with children at school abroad who need to send money to them

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