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The Bat Cave

Not so deep below the earth in Piccadilly sits a historical site that many Antiguans know little about. The Bat Cave which aptly describes the site  (a cave, full of bats) is rumored to lead all the way to Guadeloupe. The cave’s existence dates back to 1654 when it was used as a Carib hideout and place to prepare for attack. Subsequently the cave was owned by Colonel Philip Warner and was used as a resource for saltpeter. The bat guano from the cave was also sold as plant fertilizer because of its nutrient rich composition.  In 1842 the Bat Cave was estimated to extend about 360 feet, but due to rock fall it goes no further than about 100 feet, as of recent measurements. Since the cave truly lives up to its name, visitors can expect to see at any given time thousands of bats living/sleeping in their natural habitat. Don’t worry, the only uncomfortable thing about being among that many bats is the smell of their droppings and their occasional high pitched shrills. Please note that the cave is not open to the general public, call the EAG to find out how to visit the cave.


Photo and information courtesy EAG

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