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National Symbols


The nations of Antigua & Barbuda like any other islands are unique by their special offerings. Here’s a look at some of this twin island’s national symbols.

National Weed

Widdy Widdy is not your typical weed. It actually was used by sugar factory workers for food while they were on strike.

National Flower

The Dagger Log for most of the year does not look like your typical flower. This tall plant that can usually be seen towering over the surrounding plants bears a bright yellow flower, which grows in, bunches. The base of the plant has been known to be used to build fishing rafts.

National Bird

The frigate bird with its beautiful red throat, which the males protrude during mating season, is mostly found in Barbuda. They are a sure sight at the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, and can be best spotted by their large wingspan which can stretch up to eight feet.

National Animal

This is always quite a surprise to most persons because of the rarity of this animal. The European Fallow Deer is only found in Barbuda. It was taken to Barbuda in the 1700’s and they have thrived every since.


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  1. britney says:

    oh my gosh the natinal bird is awesome

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