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National Heroes pt 2

Here continues our look at Antigua’s national heroes, we started with Antigua’s first prime minister and a woman with great passion for educating, we conclude with a sportsman, a former premier and a truly brave slave.

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards is by far Antigua’s most famous sports personality. Sir Viv is known worldwide and in some cases is treated like an A list celebrity. Sir Viv was and still is (after retirement) considered the greatest and most revered batsman of all time, ‘The Master Blaster’. In his career he played 121 test matches and scored 8450 runs collectively. Cricket lovers all around the world hold Sir Viv in high regard; hence he was voted one of the top five cricketers of the century.

Sir George Herbert Walter was the second premier of Antigua & Barbuda. In his short tenure from 1972-1976 Sir George managed to pass the Social Security and Labour Acts, which were adopted, by many Caribbean islands.

King Court Tackey (Prince Klaas) can undoubtedly be considered Antigua’s most notable and indeed bravest hero. In 1736 Klaas and three other slaves who were fed up of their deplorable conditions decided to plan an elaborate revolt against the slave owners. Unfortunately their plot was discovered and they were executed. In those days to even think of trying to take your fortune into your own hands was more than courageous.


To Antigua’s heroes we salute you for putting Antigua on the map, exhibiting sheer bravery or stepping beyond the bounds of ordinary.

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