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Island TV

ABS Television – Broadcasting to the Islands of Antigua and Barbuda

Good Morning AntiguaBarbuda is one of the hottest breakfast morning TV/Radio shows in Antigua and Barbuda. The show kicked off on ABS TV on Dec 4th 2004 with hosts Dave Lester Payne, Brucella Marsh and Eldean Eudelle. Today the show has grown and is one of the highest rated shows on local TV and is also broadcast on the world wide web. The cast of the show has also grown with the welcoming of additional hosts, Jermilla Kirwan and William Dorrsett. Remember if you are not waking up with Good Morning Antigua/Barbuda….You are not waking up.

ABS is the general TV station broadcasting from Antigua &Barbuda. Below is a Live streaming of the TV station.

Take a look at the regular program line-up:

Monday – 6am – 9am GMAB (Good morning Antigua and Barbuda)
9am – 12noon network programing
12noon – 1:00 BBC News
1:00pm – 5:00 pm network tv again
5:00pm – 6:30 pm soaps
6:30pm – 7:00 pm Interviews
7:00pm – 8:00 pm ABS evening news
8:00pm – 10:pm any programs set
(current issues local or regional program)

(the above is when there is no live productions mentioned).
10:00pm – News Brief
10:15pm – Caribbean Newsline
10:45pm – movie

Live programs:
Monday – monday night live (8:30)
Tuesday – Live sports (9:00)
Wednesday –  Antigua today
Thursday – Labour matters (8:30)
Friday – Happenings in Antigua and Barbuda
no regualr sheduled live productions are on saturday or sunday

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