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Antigua & Barbuda National Symbol

The national motto displayed on the scroll – “Each endeavouring, All achieving”- was composed by James H. Carrot.

The Coat-of-Arms was originally designed by Gordon Christopher, around 1966, and later modified by Don Cribbs.

The Pineapple at the top of  the  coat of arms is  the famous Antigua Black Pineapple.

The red Hibiscus flowers are reminders of the much admired varieties seen everywhere.

The golden Sun and the wavy blue and white bands symbolize the Sea, Sun and Beaches.

The central Sugar Mill Tower and the  Sugar Cane stalk are reminders of the sugar industry.

The Century Plant or Dagger Pole with its golden yellow flowers was a part of the emblem of Antigua and the Leeward Islands.

The two Deer, prized animals in Antigua and Barbuda, support the shield. One of the deer holds an agave plant, a reminder of the rope industry.

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